See what our Elite clients have to say


“Elite is the best escrow company in 15 years that I have come across. We are very lucky to have you girls.”— Stephanie

“THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP WITH THIS “CRAZY ONGOING CLOSE OF ESCROW!” You have shown nothing but patience and understanding even with all kinds of things coming at you from all directions. I can understand why Julie insisted on using ELITE ESCROW! You are the best.” — Jeanne

“Terrific team work. Always a smooth transaction when working with professionals!” — Joni

"You always know what we need asap! You are all very service oriented and we appreciate working with you! Karen told me Jennifer went above and beyond the call of duty Friday evening when she turned around mid-stream in her trip home and ran back to the office to redo a HUD for us. Talk about customer service to the max!! Have a good one.” — Jan

"Time and time again you guys amaze me with your service. Thank you." — Micro

“Chana, I want to make it clear to you how happy Denise and I are with all the work you have done for us! Your follow-up has been great and the level of service fantastic. Nobody saw this notary bump coming and instead of focusing on the problem, you clearly worked on the solution! That must be why they call you Elite Escrow! Have a super weekend and thank you very much.” — Brendan & Denise

"Thank you!!! - to you and your team for all your hard work. I really appreciate you working extra hard so that title could get the loan payoff out this morning. I enjoyed working with you!!" — Linda

“A very quick compliment for Daphne’s team - Sarah and Pamela in particular - they were “spot-on” in getting me the upfront estimate which included my costs in time for me to meet with the borrowers. Many times escrow delays and I have to meet with my “best guess” of costs so this was a huge bonus - THANK YOU!” — Sabine

“Belinda, You are so awesome!! You take care of business... wow... I love it.” — Charlene

“Trisha, Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in this deal. I was very impressed by you both, your professionalism, attention to detail and speedy responses, all made for a very smooth transaction. I can honestly say you provided the best service I have seen from an escrow company. So thank you! I will be in touch next time I open escrow.” — S

“Hi Shanon, Just wanted to say how great it has been working with Elite. So far it’s been 3 or 4 years and I always had such a good experience from everyone on the team. Thank you very much!” —Kristina

"THANK YOU so much for your time today! You were so organized and professional yet personal with our clients!
We will ALWAYS use you!!!" —Christine

“My husband mentioned that you wanted to know who I use for all of my escrow business. In my 31 years in the mortgage industry, the very BEST escrow officer in San Diego is Lisa Herschman with Elite Escrow. She is crazy efficient and FAST, plus she is also super sweet. I promise you will not be disappointed. ” — Cristen

“I work with a lot of escrow officers, and Alison is TOP NOTCH!! So on it!! Thank you all for such great team work on this transaction.” — Erica

“Valerie & Kathy, Thank you so much, especially for the quick turnaround, and customer service a year later, you guys were great during the transaction too.” — Gary

“Carly, You can do something for me; you can tell your manager how awesome and helpful you have been and that I wish all escrow officers were like you. But really - I seriously appreciate you always asking if I need anything or if you can help, and when I do ask for help you are on it. So thank you so much for all you have done thus far.” — Alix

“Thank you Teresa, Congratulations to you on an excellent close! It was seamless. You did a fantastic job.” — Shelly

"Liz, Thank you for providing some of the best service I have ever seen out of an escrow office...quite simply outstanding! You are an amazing team player and I sincerely hope we have the pleasure of working together again in the future." —Jude

“Dear Karen, I sell about thirty plus homes annually, and don’t take time to thank service people for doing their job. Today is an exception, because you had to exercise patience for all of us who called you so many times. You impressed me most of all when you saw into potential problems and immediately sought a resolve by asking my input. The usual alternative is to shelve what could have been resolved up front. I believe your insight is what made this close. It is a reflection of your persistence, knowledge and patience. This letter is to thank you for making a successful close, and to tell you the paragraph above could be summarized into one word, professionalism.” — Randy


“Jennifer, I just want to say you’re the BEST escrow officer I’ve worked with! I appreciate all your efforts in closing this file. YOUR AWESOME!!!! =)” — Rowell & Kiko

“Thank you Alison! You certainly hold up the name of your escrow company, “Elite”.” — Dave


“Daphne, I just wanted to say it was a pleasure to work with you and your team. Everyone was very courteous and helpful throughout the whole process. The closing & escrow process was a breeze and even when selling our out-of-state home! I will make sure to refer anyone that needs Escrow Services to Elite Escrow in the future.” — Sam and Faye


"Thank you Daphne and awesome team!! Both the buyer and the seller complimented you all on a great job. So thank you again for everything." —Jerry


“Hi Genia, I just wanted to send an email to you and let you know how lucky you are to have such a fabulous escrow officer working for your company!!! One of my best friends is an escrow officer and she has been the best up until recently when I worked with Belinda on a purchase transaction. SHE IS SO GREAT I WISH I COULD CLONE HER!!! My closing department told me today “you were right, Belinda is awesome!” and I couldn’t agree more.” — Kristin

“I have to echo your “shout out” to Alison. I highly recommend her... she offers simply the best customer service and attitude in the business! She is a Rock Star!”— Bernie

"Trish went way beyond the call of duty!  Not only did she put in the time over the weekend and holiday, and outside of business hours, she was also a psychologist!!  She truly was a partner in talking to my stressed out client and allowed us to close on time!"  — L.D.


"I HAD to send this email to let you know that my work as a Closer/Pre-Funder (AKA everything needed to close person) has been AMAZING while working with Teresa and Rachael. If it were not for them our closing would not have happened as smooth as it did! They are both SO lovely to work with and if possible I would LOVE to work with them more often in the future! Teresa/Rachael –THANK YOU both again for everything you both do! We work so well together with our “get it done” attitude that I could not do what I do without you two, so THANK YOU THANK YOU!" 


"Stacey, I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you that you are one of the nicest escrow officers I have ever spoken to. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I look forward to smoothly closing this out together." —Mortgage Co. Affiliate


"The entire team at Elite was so great to work with! Please pass it along!" 


"Valerie..Thank you so much for all your help. It is so great to work with good people and your team is in the Great People category.....Thanks again!!!" —S.E

“A HUGE gold star for you Teresa - you are a credit to your profession.  You were everything we could have wanted in an escrow officer AND you maintained your cool and sense of humor through it all. Many, many thank you!" —H & G

"Please commend Laura highly and give her great Kudos from me! I am so happy I was able to make your acquaintance as well, dear Jane and I thank you again for all your expert help and friendliness a few weeks ago.  Having both you and Laura as part of the "House Selling" process made it so much more pleasant!" —Maryann L. 


"Thank you Becki. You guys are just marvelous.....by far the best escrow experience I have had in 15 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!" —Amir Guerami, ESQ.  


"You guys are Rock Stars! LOVE IT!! You made my Christmas card list! 😊 Calling you on my next deals- loved working with you guys." —Dina


"KUDOS to you and your team for an outstanding job!  We really appreciate your constant communication throughout!  Made us feel like we were your only clients and that is very special!" —Donna


"Thank you so much for your kind, considerate response to our request. It is such a pleasure to get such a professional and heartfelt response from you to our need. As a war veteran I can give you my most sincere appreciation of your courtesy. You’re very sweet." —Love Bob and Barbara


"Becki, You are an amazing escrow officer!  Thank you for being pro-active with the questions you have asked and for your professionalism. "Cheryl


"Chana and Darleen, I am beyond grateful for all your work and patience with me on delivering my new home. I am so excited, painting as we speak :) !!! I think this place will be ready when my parents arrive for my son's graduation. I can't believe how signing went this morning. It was by far the most timely, informative signing process I went through. Dave was so prepared, lighthearted and did a great job explaining everything to me. Thank you for that also!!! I can hardly believe it, a lot of smiles and a happy tears. You guys rock!!!!" Deb


"Karen (Viens), thanks so much for your amazing work on this stressful file.  I can’t say enough about your work and how you remained calm and kept going (even when I was freaking out a bit ; ) " —Susan


"Alison, I believe you are deserving of the official, “Saved the Day” Award!!! Yesterday, with professionalism and precision you and your team navigated the error in the docs that likely would have derailed the signing of our transaction, at least temporarily. If you hadn’t been available and willing to square away things in less than the 45 minutes - 2 hour window, hard feelings, etc., would have been the result. Thanks so much!!!"  —Lisa


"I have to say Terra is an absolute “Angel”. I have never met a person with so much patience and understanding. I knew she was busy but she hung in with Cathy and I and got the the job done with grace and a smile. She definitely “knows her stuff” too. Everything was ready for us as I had to drop Cathy off at the airport. I hadn’t planned on two visits with Terra so we were realty pressed for time. All the documentation was perfect; all Cathy had to do was sign. Cathy got emotional at times but Terra handled it perfectly. Thanks for sending those additional forms and thinking about worst case scenario situations.Ron

"Belinda, Thank you all for your hard work on this transaction! It was a pleasure working with everyone and I'm glad to say my buyers couldn't be happier with how smooth everything went. I appreciate you all making this a great experience for them! Hope to cross paths with you all again soon!"  —Charmaine 


“Just closed 3 complex, interconnected escrows with Elite! Chana and her team were awesome as usual."  —Marc 


"Hey (Shanon)! Thanks, it was a great experience! Chana has a very responsive team.  Thank you for reaching out and would love to meet up again sometime!" —Steph


"Jane and Laura, You both are AMAZING! I know you sacrificed your personal time Friday night and over the weekend  to get this done and everyone involved in this transaction is SO appreciative of you both!! You always go above and beyond but this was exceptional! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this one happen! You are truly the best escrow team EVER!" —Chelsea


"Hi Alison, Bonnie, and Pamela, We wanted to thank you all for all of your help and support in helping us to purchase our first home. I know we had a lot of questions and concerns and you all supported us so much in answering everything and helping to make sure we understood this process. We are so excited to begin to move in and decorate and really make it our home and none of this could be done without each one of you. We are so grateful." —Jen and Taylor


"Thank you all very much for wonderful hard work and effort, I greatly appreciate it and special thanks to Maggie for all her effort and going above and beyond the call of duty on this transaction, she is a true rockstar!!!!" —Mo

"Jennifer, You did a really good job and continue to earn our future business with such good service."  — Bill

 “(Daphne) Congratulations! A huge thank you to everyone that has worked on this transaction. It was one of my favorite transaction as everyone was great to work with, it was a really smooth transaction, and it’s one of the best matches of bringing a buyer and seller together to meet their shared goals. This is the kind-of transaction I always hope/strive for and so glad it could happen with such a great team. Thank you again to everyone for your hard work, time, and efforts. I appreciate it! Congratulations again and have a great weekend!” — Laura

“Stacey, I can say this, I work with a lot of escrow officers each month and I found myself going home and raving about YOU…You are really amazing at your job and its been an absolute pleasure to work with you as well.” — Leah