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For Sale By Owners

Sellers can choose to put their home up for sale without the aid of a Real Estate Professional. These types of transactions are known in the Real Estate world as "For Sale By Owners" or FSBO's. 

We recommend consulting a Real Estate Professional when selling your home. However, if you have come to the conclusion that you wish to sell your home yourself, we can be a resource to guide you through the escrow process.

Elite Escrow Services is skilled in handling all kinds of Escrow Transactions, including "For Sale By Owners." If you choose Elite Escrow Services as your Escrow Company, we will do our best to facilitate your needs and make sure you have a pleasant experience. Please be aware that we cannot help you with listing your home for sale or advise you if you have a "good offer." As a neutral third party, we only come into the picture when you are ready to open escrow.

Opening Escrow & Disclosures

When escrow has been opened, you (the seller) will need to provide disclosures in writing about the property to the potential buyers and their Real Estate Agent (if-any). You will also need to provide any reports for inspections performed on the property. As the seller, you are obligated to disclose all matters that could affect the value of the property to the potential buyer.

You may be able to find seller disclosure forms online through Office Depot or Office Max. Your Escrow Officer cannot provide these forms. In most cases, you will need to fill out, complete, and provide the following disclosures to the parties involved (including but not limited to) :

  • Seller Property Questionnaire

  • Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement

  • Statewide Buyer & Seller Advisory Receipt

  • Lead Based Paint Disclosure (for homes built before 1978)

  • California Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement

  • Residential Earthquake Hazards Report

  • Market Conditions Advisory

  • Environmental Guide and Earthquake Safety Receipt

  • San Diego Local Disclosures Receipt

Additional Disclosures

If there is a tenant in the property additional disclosures will need to be provided, such as, the Lease Agreement between the seller and tenant. Additionally, if the home is new construction, the following disclosures should also be provided to the potential buyer:

  • New Construction Disclosure Addendum

  • California Civil Code sections related to new construction

List At Your Own Risk

When working with a Real Estate Professional, they will assume all the legal obligations as well as provide forms you will need in escrow. As a For Sale By Owner, it is important you understand that you are taking on the legal risk and duty of a Real Estate Professional. *

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*Information is provided for reference purposes and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed, and is not intended to be legal advice.


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