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• Residential Sale/Resale: Defined as the act of buying or selling a previously owned home. Every transaction is unique and requires the complete focus of a dedicated team of escrow professionals. With a track record of consistent quality and service, we have earned our reputation as one of the most trusted providers of escrow services.

• Commercial Sales: Defined as the act of buying or selling a property that is zoned commercial or industrial. Our specialized team of Escrow Officers is prepared to face the unique challenges that often arise in a commercial transaction. Elite Escrow understands every aspect of the transaction and will execute the most efficient processes in order to ensure a successful close.

• Refinance: Refinancing involves replacing an existing mortgage loan with new financing and requires an experienced Escrow Officer who understands the intricacies associated with the transaction. Through problem-solving and timely follow-up, our Elite Escrow Officers know how to successfully complete your refinance transaction.

• For Sale By Owner: As a neutral third party, we can handle your "For Sale by Owner" transaction smoothly and efficiently. Our team has the knowledge and foresight to guide you through the closing process, assisting with necessary forms to complete your transaction successfully.

• Private Financing: With a private loan, funds are borrowed from a person, business, or entity, instead of a bank. The requirements of a private mortgage holder are similar to that of a bank, but tend to differ slightly. Elite Escrow has processed many transactions involving private financing. We are well-prepared to respond to requests in a timely manner and provide information needed to facilitate the closing.

• Bulk/Business Sales: The sale of a business is different from the sale of real estate because it involves the transfer of personal property. The Bulk Sale Code contained in the Uniform Commercial Code of California governs the escrow process for businesses. Elite Escrow has a team that specializes in these transactions and is prepared to address the unique situations that each bulk sale presents. 

• Manufactured/Mobile Home Sales: The sale and transfer of manufactured homes is considered a specialized area of property transfers involving personal property with guidelines that differ from those of a site-built real property home.  A specialized Escrow Officer who understands all regulations and has knowledge of this unique transaction is imperative. Elite Escrow remains educated and is well-equipped to successfully close your manufactured or mobile home escrow.

• 1031 Exchanges: 1031 Exchanges are very time sensitive and intricate. Transactions involving a 1031 Exchange require a very experienced Escrow Officer. You can trust the Escrow team at Elite Escrow to fulfill your 1031 Exchange needs accurately and successfully.

• Liquor License Transfers: Whether in conjunction with a Bulk Sale Escrow, or as a stand-alone transaction, Elite Escrow has a team that specializes in escrows which involve liquor license transfers. 

• Short Sales: A short sale refers to a transaction in which the sales price will not generate enough proceeds to cover the payoff of the existing mortgage. Our team of Escrow Officers understand every aspect of a short sale. We are extensively trained to foresee troublesome transactions and prevent problems in advance.

• Probate Sales: The process of administering a decedent's estate is referred to as "probate" and is generally supervised by the probate court. A probate sale will require either 1) court confirmation of the sale of the property or 2) authority to administer the estate under the "Independent Administration of Estates Act". Elite Escrow has extensive knowledge of probate sales and will ensure that all of the necessary steps are followed to close your transaction within the guidelines of the law. 

• Seller Carry-Back: Seller carry-back financing is essentially when a Seller acts as the bank or lender and loans money to the Buyer as a part of the Buyer's purchase escrow.  In most cases, your Escrow Officer will prepare the Note and Deed of Trust based on the instructions provided by the parties. It is imperative that you have an Escrow Officer that is highly educated on the proper preparation of a Note and Deed of Trust.  Elite Escrow has you covered!

• All Inclusive Trust Deeds: An All Inclusive Trust Deed (AITD) is a new Deed of Trust that includes the balance due on the existing note (Seller's current mortgage), plus new funds advanced; also known as a wrap-around mortgage. AITD's are commonly prepared by an attorney and presented to the Escrow Officer for recording at the close of escrow. Elite Escrow is experienced in processing transactions involving an AITD, while meeting the high expectations of our clients.

• Real Estate Owned (REO) Properties: REO's involve the purchase of property which is bank/lender owned as a result of foreclosure. These transactions present special challenges such as strict timelines and rigorous bank reporting standards. Our Escrow Officers are experienced in processing REO escrows and meeting the high expectations of our clients.