See what our "Elite" Clients say... 

Lisa / Belinda,
I can’t say enough of how much it was a pleasure working with you both. You guys are rock solid! I hope we cross paths and work together in the near future, Thanks!
— Tracy
Alison Melendez at Elite Escrow is quite possibly the best escrow officer in town. I originally started working with her about 3 years ago when she miraculously had two of my escrows at the same time. Both were complicated transactions, one being a short sale with two lien holders and the other had some last minute surprises including a last minute loan signing that had to be set up in New York to accommodate a buyer attending a funeral. Because of these circumstances, there was constant turbulence and I had to call her with requests, changes, and questions quite often. Alison always seemed to answer her phone! And if she didn’t she would call me back within a matter of minutes. For those who work in residential real estate in any capacity know this can be rare of an escrow officer. When we spoke, she was always calm, helped me problem solve, and she somehow always knew the answer to every one of my questions. Since June of 2014, I haven’t wanted to use anyone else for my escrows. I’ve done about 20 transactions with Alison since that time because of her knowledge, speed, attention to detail, execution, and flexibility to get the job done. When Alison is on a transaction, I know I can focus on what I need to without having to really be involved in the escrow process, I know it will get done. And I’ve given her some very challenging files in these last few years. Most people can’t appreciate the intensity of an escrow officer’s job, they mediate between agents, lenders, buyers, and sellers, receiving constant phone calls and email correspondence with immediate action items, all while having to prioritize and process loan docs and fundings with zero margin for error. It’s a tougher job than people realize. Still, I can never tell how busy Alison is. Although her business has probably increased dramatically over the last few years because of her aptitude, she still takes the time to answer my calls, help me with my outside the box scenarios and often complex files, and has never made a mistake in the last three years we’ve been working together. I am constantly blown away by how good of an escrow officer she is. Thank you Alison for all that you do!! If you are in need of an escrow officer I highly recommend giving her a call!
— Zack
We didn’t realize how good your recommendation of Liz from Elite Escrow was until we started working with the seller’s selected escrow company.
— Rebecca
Hi Chana,
If you could pass this note along to your entire team... I was very impressed by the standard of care you all have at Elite Escrow. I truly appreciate the way you stayed on top of everything with thoughtful follow up. In the not so many years I’ve been doing this, I have found that this is not very common.
— Humberto
Thank you so much Carly for everything! You are just so darn wonderful!
— Mindora
Hi guys,
I just wanted to tell you about the nice compliment I heard about Jane. When [the other agent and I] were first talking about her writing an offer I told her I wanted Jane as the escrow officer. She is very locked into her current escrow officer. Her escrow officer is a really good escrow officer and I used to use her too but but stopped because she never answered her phone and always took a long time to get back to me and I expressed this and [the other agent] relented. After we closed she called to tell me how amazing it was to work with Jane, how she always picked up the phone, was always pleasant, etc etc. She actually thanked me for insisting on Jane and said she plans to use her in the future. Great job Jane as always.
— Curt
You can do something for me; you can tell your manager how awesome and helpful you have been and that I wish all escrow officers were like you. But really - I seriously appreciate you always asking if I need anything or if you can help, and when I do ask for help you are on it. So thank you so much for all you have done thus far.
— Alix
Belinda - it is good to see you folks are security/wire fraud conscious! You get bonus points from me.
— Dennis
Chana, Your team is really great and I highly recommend your services to anyone. You get the job done professionally and are all seasoned pros. Thanks again for all your special handling.
— Rob
You and your team are awesome! God Bless!
— Rachel and Lee
Dear Terra, I am so happy and thankful that you were handling my escrow very efficiently. Yes, you did help me a great deal to diminish my anxiety about the postal delay, and I appreciate your very prompt phone call when you received my papers. Please accept my little token of gratifude on behalf of myself and others whom you have helped with your real empathetic caring - beyond the call of duty!
— Lily
I wanted to let you know that your service was wonderful, very quick and I appreciated all your help.
— Steven
Shanon- thank you so much! It was a challenging transaction but your team did great :)
— Christy
Thank you Jennifer for wrapping this up for Michele. I was so pleased with the service and efficiency of your company. My first escrow with you. You were wonderful to work with. Michele was awesome.
— Linda
Terra, You must be doing work with new people around our office because I’ve heard your name more than usual around here…all good…things like…I can’t believe the difference in working with Terra vs XYZ escrow, she makes the transaction so much smoother….:) Your fan club is growing
— Stephanie
Rachael, Fantastic! It’s been wonderful working with you. Thanks for being so diligent and communicative. I really appreciate it.
— Kirsten
I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that your TEAM ... Lisa particularly, are just exceptional! They did a great job closing these houses at the same time. In the long run, I really didn’t think it would happen ... then with you gone ...but Lisa was just fantastic and pulled it off in the end. It was almost akin to a “Hail Mary” for the last second win.
Thank you all and there are enough kind words to pass off to your team and to Lisa.
Thank you... and I hope you had a fantastic vacation!
— Eydie
Elite is the best escrow company in 15 years that I have come across. We are very lucky to have you girls.
— Stephanie
I sincerely thank you for being a part of the process to complete the sale of my house. You have been great to keep me informed, especially with all the paper work I had to either sign or initial. Great job. I do not have any other houses to sell, however, I would be more than happy to give anyone who asks a recommendation of your dedication to your job and the professional manner in which you conducted business.
— Mary
Thanks so much for your diligence on this. Based on previous experience with Elite Escrow, your company’s professionalism and responsiveness is one of the reasons we asked for Elite Escrow “by name” for our loan re-finance.
— Robert
Daphne, Catherine, Pamela, Sarah, Tiffany & Carol,
We wanted to let you know just how much we appreciate having you as partners in our business and for helping us to set the bar and raise the standard in our industry. It’s all about setting the right expectations up front, then delivering against - and exceeding - them. And you seem to do that with all of our clients and all of our transactions. Thank you.
— Jamie
Thank you so much for assisting us throughout the process. You have been a pleasure to work with and I will use your services again on my next house! (Wish I would have had you on board last year when I bought my other house in Point Loma!)
— Karen
Hi Shanon,
Just wanted to say how great it has been working with Elite. So far it’s been 3 or 4 years and I always had such a good experience from everyone on the team. Thank you very much!
— Kristina
Good Morning Maggie,
Thank you for all of your great work on this escrow. I always appreciate you very much and love working with you.
— Sarah
Again, Thank You for all of your help with this transaction, Elite is responsible for the successful closing. You personally were amazing from start to finish. I look forward to more work to come.
— Kevin
My husband mentioned that you wanted to know who I use for all of my escrow business. In my 31 years in the mortgage industry, the very BEST escrow officer in San Diego is Lisa Herschman with Elite Escrow. She is crazy efficient and FAST, plus she is also super sweet. I promise you will not be disappointed.
— Cristen
Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in this deal. I was very impressed by you both, your professionalism, attention to detail and speedy responses, all made for a very smooth transaction. I can honestly say you provided the best service I have seen from an escrow company. So thank you! I will be in touch next time I open escrow.
— S
You are so awesome!! You take care of business... wow... I love it.
— Charlene
I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with Chana. Chana helped with the sale of my late sister’s house in San Diego. My brother and I both live [out of state] but Chana was always available. The time zone did not matter - I would get a response from her by email early in the morning my time so clearly she was checking her email when she woke up in the morning! Her professionalism and follow through were especially appreciated. As an attorney I valued her ability to think through a question and provide solid advice to get the deal done. Chana’s understanding of the issues, experience and telephone skills stood out to me and I expect your clients all enjoy working with her.
Many thanks to Chana!
— Sandra
A very quick compliment for Daphne’s team - Sarah and Pamela in particular - they were “spot-on” in getting me the upfront estimate which included my costs in time for me to meet with the borrowers. Many times escrow delays and I have to meet with my “best guess” of costs so this was a huge bonus - THANK YOU!
— Sabine
Hi Sarah, Daphne and Pamela,
I just wanted to drop a quick note of thank you to all. This was a long tough transaction and you were all fantastic. Thank you!
— Patti
Cheryl, you are so sweet! Everything worked out fine. Anyway, Tony & I really appreciate you, Danita and Jane. And you are the only escrow company that we use, whenever we can!
Have a great week!
— Trent
Your company recently serviced my escrow and Terra handled my papers. I found her to be very professional and efficient, yet with remarkable human empathy and caring. She called me as soon as my papers arrived there, after a week of partial delay, to allay all my apprehensions, as they contained very important information. She showed great sensitivity towards this elderly person, and that was beyond the call of duty. Your company has a good reputation because of employees like Terra Squibb, and need to be recognized in a meaningful way.
— Lily
Pamela, we appreciate you always responding so promptly to our inquiries etc. & we appreciate the great client care you’re delivering to us & our client. We just really appreciate all your efforts on this file!!!
Have a wonderful day & we look forward to working with you on our new listing
— Dianna
Alison/Shanon, You give such great service. What ELITE does is very unusual and appreciated. There are several companies now that are more interested in “customer training” than in customer service.
— Amy
Hi Daphne, We just heard that we are now officially homeowners, so I wanted to say THANK YOU so much to you and your team for all your hard work especially rushing so much these last few days. We are so excited and we really, really appreciate your help!
— Claire
Hi Rachael & Teresa,
Just want to thank you for all that you did with this deal. I know it wasn’t the easiest, but we got over all the obstacles and got it done! You’ve been absolutely amazing, went above & beyond and we appreciate it soo much.
Have a wonderful night!
— Reggie
I have told you this before but after this escrow I HAVE to tell you again. I am having one of the most challenging time sensitive escrows in my 14 years and Chana Roberts and Kirsten LaRue are AMAZING! They are putting up with a million emails from all of us and staying on top of this one. We have had one dilemma after another followed by 10 more and delays. They are hanging in there and doing all they can to get this one closed. I can’t thank them enough and I want you to know that they are the BEST escrow officers I could ever imagine working with.
— Sherry
Thank you Teresa, Congratulations to you on an excellent close! It was seamless. You did a fantastic job.
— Shelly
Kudos to Angela for all her had work. Always responding fast and professional. Extremely knowledgeable in the field of escrow and Real Estate. I just wanted you to know that Angela is top notch in my books. And to top it off her common sense approach along with a great sense of humor doesn’t go unnoticed by me. Best to Angela and Elite for working hard to keep my business.
— Dan
To all of you that had a hand or two or more in assisting with the sale of my house. Respectfully, I would like to extend a tremendous Thank You for your time and effort, service and support, and simply for making my priority yours. Thank you all for your participation, no matter how large or small your role may have been. If I have left anyone out it is not intentional. Please pass along my gratitude and thanks to those I may have accidentally left off of this distribution. Again, Thank you all for helping me in making what traditionally is a tumultuous experience, to be a fluent and exciting experience; ultimately, making me a very satisfied customer. You all had a hand in helping one home owner lift his burden to allow another to grasp hold of thier dream. May God Bless you all in the coming New Year and for years to come.
— Marty
Hi Lisa,
I can’t thank you enough for all the work and effort you have put into trying to figure out this lien business. I know you must be so busy and yet you spent so much time for me and my problems! I just want you to know how appreciative I am... You have clearly gone over and above your responsibilities and I will never forget. Thank you again so much from me and my family!
— Barbara
Thank you Carly!
I love it when things are wrapped up beautifully. Great job everyone, thank you all very much.
— Adam
You ladies did an awesome job, especially when it came to dealing with the tight signing timeline. It’s always a relief when I see Elite Escrow is on the contract.
— Karla
Special KUDOS to Trisha and her team at Elite Escrow for being on top of this file - way to avoid the month end crunch!
— Stan
I work with a lot of escrow officers, and Alison is TOP NOTCH!! So on it!! Thank you all for such great team work on this transaction.
— Erica
Hi Belinda,
Thank you very much for all your hard work. You and your team were fantastic, always positive and professional. This was a long escrow and those can be frustrating. I appreciate all you and your team have done for us. I look forward to working with you in the future.
— Tom
Daphne and Team
We are so grateful for your team, thank you for checking in! :)
— T
What a phenomenal team!!! It’s so nice to get a smooth Escrow now and then as it gives us all hope as we deal with those frequent difficult deals. A special nod to Daphne, Pamela & Jeanne! The method and efficiency you all exude with how you handle things is the reason this deal went so smooth. Thank-you!
— Greg
Dear Chana and escrow staff, Your office is well orchestrated and impressive to see in action. Thanks again!
— Jim
Valerie & Kathy, Thank you so much, especially for the quick turnaround, and customer service a year later, you guys were great during the transaction too.
— Gary
Due to a series of circumstances beyond the control of Elite Escrow, our officer, Stacey Bjelland, was simply wonderful through this very difficult closing! The buyers of the house we were selling were impossible. They were asking for above and beyond reasonability, and their lenders were hard to deal with as well.

I was very upset at the hassle I was having to go through with this as my sister has trouble understanding things and I was having issues explaining things to her as well. Being the first house I ever sold I had to ask the same questions of Stacey repeatedly. She was always kind and understood the need to explain things again. She always returned my phone calls promptly and stayed in touch with me. If she said she would call, she did. Thank God for Stacey!

She has the patience of a saint! She explained and re-explained so I could make my sister understand. She never made me feel like I was asking too many questions. She was on my side at a very stressful time in my life with outside issues, and kept me informed every step of the way through this process. She was empathetic to my stress and had kind words to offer. She will never know just how much this meant to me. This kind of personal consideration goes a long way instead of a business-as-usual attitude which any employee anywhere can offer if they choose to. She did not choose that method and made me feel special and that our closure was the only one on her plate which I know it was not.

You should feel extremely fortunate to have Stacey on your team. I would recommend Elite Escrow to anyone needing help. I will go out my way to mention Stacey’s name and the wonderful service she gave to me and my family. Thank you for a truly fantastic experience. Stacey went above and beyond to ‘make it happen’ and it did not go unnoticed.
She is a remarkable escrow office and, obviously, extremely capable of multi-tasking. I think she may even need a promotion.
— Stevie
You have shown nothing but patience and understanding even with all kinds of tings coming at you from all directions. I can understand why Julie insisted on using ELITE ESCROW! You are the best.
— Jeanne
Terrific team work. Always a smooth transaction when working with professionals!
— Joni
Hi Valerie,
Thank you so much for all your hard work, dedication and continued professionalism on all my files. Your work and dedicated effort do not go unnoticed and are very appreciated.
— Joe
Thank you Shannon - service was great - easy escrow for a change.
— Doris
15 years in real estate, recently retired. Belinda and her team are by far the best. Thorough and precise, they get the job done. Thank you
— Tony

You’re Great, tell your boss (s)he needs to bump up your pay. You are the most responsive escrow agent I have ever dealt with. Thank you for the help. Enjoy your weekend!!!
— Austin
Jennifer...I want to thank you for “hanging in & hanging on” with us to get the escrow closed for my Mom’s house on Idaho. You probably are used to some of the things that can pop up, but it took us by surprise...& it was so slow getting resolved. I know it’s “your job”, but we felt you went “above & beyond” the call of duty & kept us posted along the way.
We hope you have a wonderful week-end. Thanks again! [Consider yourself HUGGED!]
— Sue
Karen, I can’t tell you how nice it is to work with an escrow that knows what they are doing. I have a bank owned property with another escrow company that I am working on and it has become the loan from Hell! The escrow doesn’t return calls and there are about 20 different people who work on the same file, Nightmare!! Anyway... it is just a pleasure to work with you.
— Nancy
Dear Karen, We would like to send a short note to say THANK YOU for your time and efforts involved in the closing of our latest transaction. Without your assistance and professional handling of the transaction this would not have been possible. We really appreciate your hard work and dedication.
— Greg
Dear Karen, I can’t express how grateful I am to have you for a team worker always, but I have to say particularly on our just closed transaction. Thank you for all your hard work, great cheerful attitude, perseverance and care. I also hugely appreciate your team workers Michele and Angela. Thank you again and again.
— Renata
I can’t thank you enough for you and your team’s hard work in making this happen! If it weren’t for you, we would not have been able to close on time. It has been such a wonderful pleasure to work with you on this loan. I see why Trisha and Judy love to work with you. I look forward to working with you on others in the future!
— Lee
Way to go to the team! Thanks for always being the glue!
— Marissa
I want to thank you Belinda, and your staff for the good service and the “over the top” service you provided in dealing with this HOA issue. You are professional, courteous and very personable and that makes you a very nice person to work with. Thanks so much.
— Mary
Jennifer, AMEN!... And that’s why I made a point of copying you on the message, Jennifer. No disrespect intended, but just as every great doctor needs a top-notch nurse, every great escrow officer must have a top-notch assistant!!!
Thanks to Jackie and David’s original positioning of you as our escrow team, I’ve now officially ended my 14-month quest for an escrow team that I have absolute confidence in... If you don’t mind putting up with me (and my uber detailed ways), you have earned our future business. We will be writing you into our contracts. [If I’ve driven you crazy, just fess up: I’m a big girl, and understand that I may come off as irritating while simply being protective of our clients and being true to the sanctity of the transaction). Eight days to go (hopefully)!...
— Anne
Chana, I want to make it clear to you how happy Denise and I are with all the work you have done for us! Your follow-up has been great and the level of service fantastic. Nobody saw this notary bump coming and instead of focusing on the problem, you clearly worked on the solution! That must be why they call you Elite Escrow! Have a super weekend and thank you very much.
— Brendan & Denise
Daphne, Thank you everybody. This was one of the smoothest escrows in a few months. The Buyers are super happy. It was a pleasure to work with you!
— Melina
Chana, thanks for all of your help, I know that a lot goes on behind the scenes but this is the 4th escrow we’ve done with you and they’ve all gone very smoothly!
— Rachel
Jennifer, I do want to thank you and your team again, for service above and beyond. We are all having to do much more for each file. Making things happen is a sign of true professionalism coupled with excellent people skills.
On the tougher deals – my clients have made specific mention of the level of service they are getting from your office.
Thanks again!
— Steve
Chana, thank you very much. This is the smoothest escrow we’ve ever been through. You are a great escrow officer. We really appreciate your professionalism. Thank you for all your help throughout the escrow.
— Kay
Thank you Kirstin, and please tell Jennifer thank you as well. I’ll see you tomorrow. And let me say right now, you two are the best. I feel so grateful to know my escrow team is so diligent, sincere and truly interested in my files, my clients. It’s an honor to work with you two.
— Kathy
Michele, I am sorry I didn’t get around to writing this e-mail sooner. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your hard work on this transaction. You are truly the best escrow agent that I have ever worked with and I will be referring you in future transactions. My clients were extremely happy with your service as well.
— Ashlee
Jennifer, I just want to say you’re the BEST escrow officer I’ve worked with! I appreciate all your efforts in closing this file. YOUR AWESOME!!!! =)
— Rowell & Kiko
Hi Tiffany,
I appreciate all of you and the work you’ve done for me! Awesome team!
— Mark
Daphne, I just wanted to say it was a pleasure to work with you and your team. Everyone was very courteous and helpful throughout the whole process. The closing & escrow process was a breeze and even when selling our out-of-state home! I will make sure to refer anyone that needs Escrow Services to Elite Escrow in the future.
— Sam and Faye
I’ve been a Realtor in San Diego for ten years and have worked with many escrow companies. Elite Escrow and Chana Roberts deliver exceptional service and competitive prices. Chana is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate business, and is always cheerful and organized. She keeps all parties of the transaction informed via her emailed status reports and audit sheets. I never have to wonder what is happening on a closing! Chana and her team have set the bar very high!
— Anne-Marie
Dear Karen, I sell about thirty plus homes annually, and don’t take time to thank service people for doing their job. Today is an exception, because you had to exercise patience for all of us who called you so many times. You impressed me most of all when you saw into potential problems and immediately sought a resolve by asking my input. The usual alternative is to shelve what could have been resolved up front.

I believe your insight is what made this close. It is a reflection of your persistence, knowledge and patience.

This letter is to thank you for making a successful close, and to tell you the paragraph above could be summarized into one word, professionalism.
— Randy
To Liz Carvalho, I just wanted to thank you for your help with the San Diego County Treasurer. I was unable to get anywhere with them but the letter you sent must have been the ticket. They sent me a full refund today. I really appreciate your help in this matter. I don’t think I would have been able to get anywhere without it.
— Mark
Thanks Becky, I appreciate your team’s help. Alison was wonderful to work with and even answered her phone when we would call! We are also closing another escrow with Stacey today and she has been great to work with as well. We appreciate your Team Members, taking such good care of two “old Realtors”... we need all the help we can get.
— Gary
Thank you Alison! You certainly hold up the name of your escrow company, “Elite”.
— Dave
Just to say a very big Thank You to you and your colleagues for the work on our file. Your clear instructions and efficient methodical approach to the documentation made it very easy for us.
— Anna and Martin
Thank you Genia,

You know what we need always asap. You are all very service oriented and we appreciate working with you! Karen told me Jennifer went above and beyond the call of duty Friday evening wehn she turned around mid-stream in her trip home and ran back to the office to redo a HUD for us.

Talk about customer service to the max!! Have a good one.”
— Jan
Hi Genia,
I just wanted to send an email to you and let you know how lucky you are to have such a fabulous escrow officer working for your company!!! One of my best friends is an escrow officer and she has been the best up until recently when I worked with Belinda on a purchase transaction. SHE IS SO GREAT I WISH I COULD CLONE HER!!! My closing department told me today “you were right, Belinda is awesome!” and I couldn’t agree more.
— Kristin
We worked with Belinda Bales at Elite Escrow. She was extremely accommodating to all our needs and timelines. And extremely responsive and pleasant to deal with throughout the process.
— Gunjan
Belinda, you are simply amazing.
It took a village to get this transaction closed and you were there every single step of the way. Your response time is flat out amazing. The accuracy of the docs you produced is unbelievable and the professionalism with which you handled all that we had to deal with this week is certainly commendable. I truly hope that we can work together again.
— Sigal
Many, many, many thanks to Terra for closing escrow is basically one day - we were given 1 week to close from the 1st lender and just got the 2nd lender approval yesterday. Way to go Terra, you are a life save. Thank you so much for taking on this file. You are SO appreciated.
— Dennis
Thank you for the fast, efficient, and painless escrow process!
— Rod
Belinda and Lisa, Thank you again for another successful close of escrow. It seems that escrows/loans are getting more cumbersome to get done - but knowing you have a crew to depend on goes a long way. Thanks for being a crew that you can rely on to get the job done honestly and efficiently.
— Eydie
Hi Daphne, Thank you so much for a great transaction. It seems that Elite is a great company across the board no matter who your officer is.
— Candace
Dear Stacey,
I am so happy to have worked with you on our transaction! It was refreshing to have such an open channel of communication with Escrow and your incredible attention to detail was much appreciated. You were nothing short of professional, not to mention delightful, all the way around! I most certainly welcome working together again.
— Kim
I have to echo your “shout out” to Alison. I highly recommend her... she offers simply the best customer service and attitude in the business! She is a Rock Star!
— Bernie
Thanks for making this transaction smooth. I was impressed.
— John
Great job by everyone concerned on a quick escrow
— George
Great job. I’m super impressed with your service and plan on using you on my listing files.
— Alfredo
It is so refreshing to have someone actually read the lenders instructions and conditions! Hope you all have a great weekend and hope that I get to be the funder on this one!
— Holly
Hey Becky,
As far as feedback on the services provided by Liz’s team, I have nothing but excellent things to say. Liz made sure to keep everyone on the same page throughout the transaction. With it being such a short escrow for a VA loan, it was important that we were punctual with meeting the deadlines for all of the different steps required to close a VA deal and Liz played an absolutely vital role in making sure that we did just that. There were a few issues that we ran into with funding that were absolutely out of any of our hands, but Liz made sure that the problem was addressed properly and that the deal continued as seamlessly as possible. Also, probably the most exceptional aspect of Liz’s service, was that she was able to put up with my antics of calling what seemed like at least a few times a day to either ask a question or request a status update. I would definitely recommend her services as well as utilize them again myself.
— Kevin
Thanks for all your help! Definitely you guys lived up to your Elite name.
— Ram