Maly Alarcon

Business Development

(619) 972-0219

Maly Alarcon began her real estate and escrow career in 2005 and has since had experience in escrow, title, and as an Asset Manager. She is well versed in escrow and became an Escrow Assistant for Elite Escrow in 2017.

Her hands-on training with her escrow team gave her the knowledge and experience needed to navigate the escrow process and better understand her client’s needs. With her unique skill set and ability to effortlessly connect with clients, Maly transitioned to the Business Development Team.

As a Business Development Representative, Maly plays an integral role in the escrow process assisting Real Estate Agents and Brokers to ensure a smooth transaction for their clients.

Maly believes in providing timely, personal, and professional care to her clients. She is confident that through the exceptional service she provides that all parties involved in the escrow process will have a positive experience.

“My goal is to provide our Elite clients with a truly exceptional experience.”

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