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Purchase Transaction Open Sheet - PDF (fill-in)

Refinance Transaction Open Sheet - PDF (fill-in)

Mobile-Manufactured Sale Transaction Open Sheet - PDF (fill in)

Elite Escrow Services of San Diego cares about YOUR personal information! Please send us this information in a secure manner.

When opening escrow, please provide the following items:

  • Fully executed contract, counter offers, and addendum's

  • Commission Amounts, and if you want separate commission instructions issued to each broker

  • Copy of Listing Agreement and MLS

  • Acceptance date and close of escrow date

  • Transaction Coordinator information, if applicable

  • Who is paying the Transaction Coordinator fee? (seller, buyer, or agent) If the buyer/seller is paying a TC fee, we will need an invoice

  • Title Company information and Title Rep name

  • Your clients contact info: name, address, phone number and email address. How should we send your clients paperwork to them? Email is preferred, but we are happy to mail if that is your client's preference

  • Need the buyer's lender/loan broker information so we can disclose fees and provide other loan items quickly

  • Is there a Homeowner's Association? Is there MORE than one association? Prepare your seller for upfront fees that most HOA's require

  • Client’s marital status. If they are married and taking title alone, the interest of their spouse must be addressed. If the Seller acquired title as single, but is now married, their spouse must relinquish their interest in the property

  • If the Seller holds title in their Trust, did they sign the contract correctly as Trustee? Is the Representative Capacity Signature Addendum included? The seller may need to provide a copy of their Trust Agreement, especially if any of the parties are deceased

  • If the Buyer intends to hold title in their Trust, does the contract state so? The buyer's lender must approve this upfront! Is the Representative Capacity Signature Addendum included? *Please contact us if you need this defined* (858) 560-4781

  • If the Seller or Buyer holds title in an LLC, Partnership or Corporation, did they sign the contract with the correct name and title? Is the Representative Capacity Signature Addendum included?

  • Are any parties signing with Power of Attorney?Escrow, Title Company and the buyer's lender must review and approve the Power of Attorney.